Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Twenty years ago I left my big, fat corporate job working for a national television network to start my own consulting business from home. On my last day of work— I jumped in my car and spun rocks as I peeled out of the parking lot, laughing my ass off…

Photo and collage by author.

When I feel bored, blue, or befuddled by life, as much as I’m a writer and reader, I don’t always turn to my pens and books for solace. I reach for something simple yet unconventional instead.

I gather magazines, scissors, glue, an old scrapbook, and strew the works over my…

Photo by Kim Duke. Weird brown things? Fried wild plantain flowers. So good!

I’m in the woods on my self-declared 6-day writing retreat, but that doesn’t mean this writer is eating boiled hotdogs and over-cooked fried eggs.

Retreats are meant for delicious food but nothing too fancy that stops me from kayaking in the middle of the day. And also I don’t cook…

Kim Duke

I happily write about food, quirks of life & simple living. Heated. Mind Cafe. P.S. I Love You. Honest & funny. Writing coach for women.

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